How to Pick a High-Quality Creative Writing Agency

Choosing a creative writing agency for your business.
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Creative writing isn't exclusive to novels.

Believe it or not, companies all over the world use creative writing every day to promote their business.

One of our favorite examples of this at FoundCopy is DiGiorno’s Twitter. The company made famous for its “not delivery” slogan - and for its delicious frozen pizza - can pass as a class clown if exclusively looking at tweets.
Creative writing is needed for businesses in all formats: social media, blogs, e-books, and more. In this article, we go over all the components of creative writing for business and how to pick a high-quality creative writing agency.

What Is a Creative Writing Agency?
What Is Creative Content?
How to Pick a Creative Writing Agency
What Do the Best Creative Writing Agencies Have in Common?
What Does a Creative Writing Agency Charge?

What Is a Creative Writing Agency?

A creative writing agency is a company operated by talented writers who specialize in making unique content. This written content is usually at least a few hundred words in length.

The key is that creative writing agencies create creative content.

What Is Creative Content?

Creative content is content that is original and written by a talented writer. This content contains much more than the simple rewording of pre-existing texts. Creative writing agencies provide their clients with this fresh, new material to use as they please.

Examples of creative content include:

1. Content designed to engage the customer

2. Content written in a friendly tone of voice

3. A creative answer to the question, "What is SEO?"

4. An educational piece on how to use social media for business and much more!

Creative content is always unique and engaging because it was written specifically for the person reading it.

Creative content writing services don't necessarily reinvent the wheel in terms of the format. Rather, they take a creative stance and approach to the project at hand.

Creative content can take place in any format, whether it's an SEO blog or a company's e-book.
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How to Pick a Creative Writing Agency

There are three main factors to consider when picking a creative writing agency. These are called the basics, the minuses, and the pluses.

The basics are very important because they include quality of content and turnaround time. Buyers of creative writing projects should have an understanding of their basics. How good does the content need to be? How long does it need to be? Where is it going to be published?

These are all questions that concern the basics, and creative content writing services need the answers to these from the buyer.

The minuses are very important because they include cost and timeline. Creative writing agencies should provide costs to these projects upfront before any work is done. This can help buyers decide which creative content marketing agency they want to go with. The timeline should also include when the first draft is done, when a final edit is made, and when publication of the content is completed.

Minuses are decided based on how quickly the buyer needs content and how quickly the agency can provide that content.

The pluses are very important because they include payment plans and revision services. Quality creative content can be expensive, but not all companies need white-glove service. Some customers might accept the first edit of a first draft. Others, however, may want to work with the creative writing agency throughout multiple revisions until the content is just right.

Pluses, more than anything, are a reflection of the relationship the buyer is looking to have with the creative content writing service.

What Do the Best Creative Writing Agencies Have in Common?

The best creative writing agencies have a strong online presence. They have portfolios, testimonials, and case studies to demonstrate their abilities. Review websites give Yelp-like ratings that help potential customers make informed decisions.

The best creative writing agencies create content for themselves even though they don't need it. You've seen companies say "we do what we sell" many times in marketing because of integrity. At FoundCopy we practice this by having our own blog.

The best creative writing agencies can provide content that has previously been published. A good agency will also be one where the writers know what they're talking about, including having knowledge of relevant topics like your business or service.

Finally, the best creative writing agencies are transparent and specific about all aspects of the project. There shouldn't be too many surprises, whether it's not providing deliverables on time or not having quality creative content.

What Does a Creative Writing Agency Charge?

Creative content writing services usually price their services based on several factors: word count, how much research is required, and more.

Discounts are usually available if you order in bulk or pay up-front.


Creative writing is so much more than your favorite beach read. Businesses have the opportunity to express their personality through creative writing.

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Post by Noah Levy, cofounder at FoundCopy.
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